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Hamas Terrorists Killed Dairy Farmers In Israel

by aditya abhishek

When terrorists from Hamas targeted common Israeli people on Saturday 7th, they also killed dairy farmers in kibbutz close to the Gaza border. 

There are a total of 16 dairy farms situated near the border out of which 5 are now not in the safe zone. Dairy farmers of those farms have been killed. 

As these dairy farms have been deserted there is no one available to feed or take care of the cattle present in the farm.  

Most of the farmers that were killed in a surprise attack were Israeli but some workers were also from Thailand who were kidnapped and killed. 

In Israel, around 1.6 billion liters of milk is produced every year. The total dairy cow population in the country is estimated at around 115,000. 

The area that was targeted by the terrorists contributes 5% of the total milk production of the country that's why the loss is immense. 

During the attack, 10 terrorists were also killed by the Israeli army in a counterattack launched soon after the damage. Let's see when peace prevails in the region again. 

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