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Grow These Tomato Companion Plants 

by aditya abhishek

Companion Plants

If you grow these companion plants of tomato in your garden or farm then it will help to increase yield, flavour, nutrient, etc. & reduce pests and diseases. 


Basil is an evergreen companion plant of tomato. Basil is a herb & planting it with tomato helps in repelling flies, hornworms and increasing yield. 


You can plant parsley along with tomato plants. Parsley attracts ladybugs that are natural predators of hornworms, so it helps in reducing pests of tomato. 


Planting garlic along with tomatoes can help in keeping spider mites away from tomato plants. You can also use garlic extract to make organic pesticides. 


You can plant lettuce along with tomato plant. It helps in maintaing soil moisture and temperature as it acts as a natural living mulch.  


If you are looking to plant a flowering species along with tomato then planting marigolds is a wonderful choice, they repel root nematodes away from tomato plant. 


If aphids infestation is regular in your region then plant Nasturtium flowering plant with tomato to repel aphids away from tomato plant. 

Bad Companions

You should avoid planting cabbage, cauliflowers, sweet corn, potatoes, eggplant, etc. with tomato plants as they can inhibit the growth of tomato. 

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