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Grow These Fruit Trees In Your Garden

by aditya abhishek


Guava is one of the easiest fruit tree that you can grow in garden on either ground or in pots. Select grafted plants for best results. 


Another fruit tree that you can grow in garden is pomegranate. Start planting them during February to March or July to August. 


If you are growing mango tree in pots then select dwarf varieties such as Sadabahar, Julie, Fairchild, Dwarf Hawaiian, etc. 


Dwarf variety of papaya such as Pusa Dwarf, Red Lady, etc. are wonderful for garden. You can plant them in spring, monsoon, & autumn.


If you love tanginess of orange then you should definitely plant orange tree in your garden. Dwarf varieties can also grow in pots. 


Just like oranges you can also grow lemon tree in pots. A seed grown lemon tree takes 6 years to fruit therefore plant grafted tree. 


Grow blueberry bush to enjoy delicious fresh berries directly from your garden. However you need to take good care of blueberry plant. 


They are one of the most attractive fruit tree that you can grow in your garden. European variety is sweet & juicy while Asian one is firm and bland. 

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