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Greek Goddess Of Agriculture 

by aditya abhishek

In Greek religion, "Demeter" is known as the goddess of agriculture, harvest, crops, grains, and soil fertility. 

She is sister of Zeus and daughter of Cronus & Rhea.  Apart from being goddess of agriculture, she is also represented as goddess of health, birth and marriage

Goddess Demeter (Goddess Of Farming) is from Mediterranean part of the world and belongs to the tradition of earth mother. 

There is a famous story which is connected to her daughter "Persephone" and a famine.  God of the underworld "Hades" took away her daughter. 

Goddess Demeter went on search for her daughter, during this time she got distracted from her duties which led to a famine. 

Goddess Demeter also had a lover named Iasion and their union resulted in a child named Plutus (God Of Wealth). 

In the months of August to September once after every 2 years an ancient Greek festival "Elusinia" was held in honour of Goddess Demeter. 

Another festival "Thesmophoria" was celebrated for three days by women and her daughter. During festival they observed chastity. 

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