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Gardening Tools Names & Uses That You Must Know!

by aditya abhishek

To begin gardening, germination tray is essential for germinating vegetable and flower seeds, it is also reusable. 

Germination Tray

In gardening we have to deal with dirt and lot of unknown materials in the soil therefore for protection & handling gardening gloves are essential. 

Gardening Gloves

Hand Trowel is helpful in carrying out operations such as planting, transplantation, mixing soil, etc. 

Hand Trowel

Gardening fork is useful in breaking soil clods, removing weeds, improving aeration, preparing holes for seed sowing, etc. 

Gardening Fork

Rake is very useful in levelling, smoothening of soil surface, removing  stones and other debris before plantation. 


Having a watering can is essential in home gardening as it allows you to apply water to plants effectively and with ease. 

Watering Can

Pressure sprayer helps in applying nutrients, pesticides, insecticides evenly on the plant surface to get awesome results. 

Pressure Sprayer

Wheel Barrow is quite helpful in moving compost, plants, residues, etc. in the garden from one place to another.

Wheel Barrow


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