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Gardening Tips & Tricks That Gardener Should Know

by aditya abhishek

Know Your Climate

Before bringing any plant to your garden from nursery get to know whether the plant can grow in your local climate or not to avoid any damage. 

Refresh The Soil 

Before planting any new plant in the soil, prepare the ideal potting mix. Do not use the old soil directly. Instead, add fertilizers, fungicides, and other necessary materials. 

Know Your Plant

Every plant variety has different requirements for the soil, fertilizers, watering, sunlight, etc. Hence knowing about them will help you take good care of the plant. 

Keep Pinching

In flowering plants like petunias, Million bells, Pansy, etc. pinching back new shoots in early days can help to promote new branches and intense flowering. 


Stalking vegetable plants like tomato with the help of a wooden stick can help in preventing plants from wind damage. However, you should do this activity carefully. 

Hand Pollination

If natural pollinators like bees or butterflies are not present in your garden, then you can hand pollinate your vegetable or fruit plants to increase fruiting. 

Companion Planting

To increase efficiency of the garden, plant companion plants. They help to reduce water and fertilizer needs, deter pests and increases overall yield. 

Visit Daily

Most of the people ignore their plants after planting. That's why they get damaged. Visit your garden once in a day and observe your plants. Notice positive & negative signs to take appropriate steps. 

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