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Amazing Gardening Memes That You Must Watch!

by aditya abhishek

That shocking look when a plant lover surprisingly explores a new plant species in a neighbor's garden!

Chat Box

Should I ask for cuttings or shift the plant in my garden?

But a plant lover wants a garden to spend quality time!

Other people dream about buying a big house, car, clothes, etc.

Also Me: Stopping by to buy plants from a local nursery!

Me: Sorry, I was late due to heavy traffic.

You are an adult only if you have got a garden full of plants you can't smoke!

Nursery plants thinking about not so sure future whenever you take them to your home!

But, Can't understand how these garden weed pops in a day!

I really spend months to grow a simple plant

Her Crush: I have only a thousand species of plant growing in my garden baby!

She: I will only date a guy who love plants

That feeling when you finally grow a plant successfully after many failures!

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