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Flowering Plants That Can Grow From Cuttings

by aditya abhishek

Rose Plant

You can grow rose from cuttings during late spring or late summer season. Plant semi-hardwood cuttings in potting mix prepared by mxing cocopeat, sand & perlite. 


Take 4 to 6 inches of softwood stem cuttings from just below a leaf node. Leave 2 to 3 leaves at the top, dip the bottom end in rooting hormone powder & plant cuttings. 


In spring, take 3 to 5 inches stem cuttings & plant them in potting mix prepared by mixing 30% coco peat + 50 % soil + 15% sand +5% compost. Keep the soil little moist. 


To propagate new plants for the next flowering season, take 2 inches stem cuttings, remove lower leaves, dip the bottom end in rooting hormone and plant them in sandy soil. 


During late spring, take stem cuttings of 3 to 4 inches long from a fresh new shoot. Remove leaves from the bottom portion, dip in rooting hormone & plant them. 


Take 4 inches stem cuttings, dip bottom end in rooting hormone. Now plant the cuttings in pots filled by potting mix prepared with 60% soil + 30% river sand + 10% perlite.


Take 4 inches stem cutting from from the plant. Remove the leaves from the bottom end. Dip the bottom end in the rooting hormone & plant them in well draining soil. 


Take 10 to 15 centimetres cuttings from the young top shoot of the mother plant, remove leaves from the bottom, dip in rooting hormone and plant them in sandy soil. 

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