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Flowering Plants That Attract Butterflies!

by aditya abhishek

Gardeners love having butterflies in the garden. Not only they are look beautiful but they also help in natural pollination. Here is the list of plants that you can grow to attract butterflies. 


I personally love growing zinnia flower from March to Sepember to attract colourful butterflies in the garden. 


Calendula grows well  during winters in hot tropical climate & in summers in cold temperate climate. They are popular for attracting butterflies.


Sanpdragons starts blooming from spring to summer season in cool climate and their bright colourful flowers attracts butterflies. 


You can grow sunflower during summer season to attract butterflies in the garden. Do not forget to save their seeds for next season. 


If you are looking to attract butterflies in your garden during summers then you can start growing aster. 


They are winter flowering plants that you can grow very easily, avoid overwatering as it can kill marigold plant, their fragrance is enough to melt your heart. 


Another easy to grow plant that requires minimal care but can attract butterflies is cosmos that you can grow from seeds. 

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