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Flower Plants To Grow In February

by aditya abhishek


If you want to create a beautiful summer garden filled with flowering plants, start sowing sunflower seeds in February. 


To attract butterflies or bees in your garden start growing zinnia flowering plant by sowing seeds in well draining soil rich in organic matter. 


They are hardy flowering plants and are also known as "Mexican Sunflower." Tithonia is native to Mexico, Southern & Central America. 


Cosmos flowers symbolize love and beauty. Ans they spread rapidly as well. Therefore you can grow this plant in your garden in February. 


Vinca is a hardy plant that requires minimal care. Hence, start growing this flowering plant in your garden if you are a beginner. 


Take stem cuttings of portulaca and plant them in well-draining soil rich in organic matter. Keep them in semi-shade, and within a few days, they will start growing. 

Morning Glory

They flower during morning hours and will fill your day with happiness. They are easy to grow and requires minimal fertilizers. 


If you are willing to add an aquatic summer flowering plant in your garden then start growing lotus from seed or tubers in February. 

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