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Guide On Flower Gardening For Beginners

by aditya abhishek

Do you want to grow colourful flowers in your garden but not sure how to take good care of your flowering plants, if yes, then keep reading till the end!

Growing Season

Flowering plants blooms in specific season such as summers and winters. Depending on their season of flowering they are planted.  Hence you need to know active season of plants. 

Summer Flowers

Plant that flowers in summer season are sunflower, moss rose,  zinnia, plumeria, lotus, passion flower, morning glory, gerbera, etc. You can plant them in spring season. 

Winter Flowers

Plant that flowers in winter season are petunia, dahlia, pansy, marigold, verbena, dianthus, calendula, rose, aster etc. You can plant them during late summer to fall season. 

Easy To Grow

Out of all these flowers, moss rose, morning glory, gerbera, marigold, calendula, are dianthus easy to grow flowering plants. Start by growing moss rose in summers & calendula in winters. 

Soil & Potting Mix

Use well drained soil rich in organic matter. Prepare potting mix with 40% dung manure + 30% cocopeat + 10% neem cake fertilizer + 10% bone meal + 10% river sand.


At least take 8 to 10 inches pot for growing flowering plants and make sure it has drainage holes at the bottom. Many newbie ignore this but drainage has huge impact on plant growth. 

Filling Of Pots

Do not fill pots completely with potting mix, leave at least one inches space at the top for watering and fertilizing purposes. 


If you bring flowering plant in your home from plant nursery or have propagated yourself then avoid keeping them in direct sunlight immediately. 

Keep them under bright indirect sunlight for 2 to 4 days until they get well established in the new location, then bring it under direct sunlight. 


Most of the flowering plant needs bright direct sunlight flor intense flowering, hence keep them under direct sunlight for at least 6 to 8 hours daily. 


Overwatering and underwatering can kill your plant, hence only water when the top layer of soil becomes dry. Avoid wetting of leaves while watering as it can promote fungal diseases. 


During non flowering season use well balanced fertilizers. Add two handful of leaf compost with half tea spoon bone-meal.

In flowering season use  potassium & phosphorus rich fertilizers. Use NPK half teaspoon NPK (0:10:10) in 1 litre water or 250 ml of banana peel or onion peel fertilizer once after every 14 days. 


To make plant bushy and get intense flowering, pinch off pant branches at desired height and early flower buds. 

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