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Father & Objectives Of Organic Farming

by aditya abhishek


Actual origin of organic farming is hard to predit but we can clearly say that before the introduction of chemical substitudes farmers used only organic compost or pesticides. 

In the world "Lord Northbourne" is regarded as the father of organic farming because he coined the term organic farming for the first time in 1940. 

In India "Mr. Subhash Palekar" is regarded as the Father of Indian Organic Farming for his contribution on the concept of Zero Budget Natural Farming. 

"Sir Albert Howard" is regarded as the Father of Modern Organic Farming. He is a British botanist who learned the concept of organic farming in India & spread it to the western world. 


If you look closely at the scenario of modern day food production & its effects on human health & the environment, then objectives will become crystal clear.

We intend to practice organic farming to reduce soil & water pollution caused due to excessive use of chemicals in agriculture. Traces of chemicals are also reflected in our food chain. 

To promote growth of healthy soil microorganisms, soil flora & fauna, plants and animals & maintain ecological balance we practice organic farming. 

To reuse farm waste as a source of nutrients thus reducing external input costs, increasing natural soil fertility, self satisfaction, etc. we practice organic farming,

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