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Farming Of Marigold Can Help In Adding Extra Income!

by aditya abhishek

Farming of marigold requires low investment and minimal care but the demand in local as well as global market is high. Therefore if you follow these guidelines then you can make good profit. 


Mild climate with optimum temperature range of 18 to 20 degree Celsius is good for marigold. Too hot or cool temperature can slow down the growth and affects production. 


Marigold can be cultivated on wide range of soil but well drained,  sandy loam soil with pH around 6.5 to 7.0 is ideal. Avoid cultivation in waterlogged soil. 

Variety Selection

Select high yielding varieties such as Red bokardo, Flash, Gypsy, Happiness, Cracker Jack, Yellow supreme, Climax, New Alaska, etc. 

Transplant & Spacing

Transplant seedligs only when they reaches 3 to 5 true leaves stage & follow spacing of 30 cm x 30 cm for French marigold and 40 cm x 40 cm for African marigold. 


Give light irrigation immediately after transplantation. Further irrigate marigold crop at 7 days interval and avoid waterlogging in the farm. 


Per hectares apply 25 tonnes of Farm Yard Manure,  100 Kgs of Nitrogen and 75 Kgs. of Phosphorus and Potassim. Apply 1/2 quantity before plantation and rest after 45 days.


To develop bushy growth in the plant practice pinching 40 days after transplantation, this help in increasing yield..


Harvest loose flowers when they attain mature size during early morning hours only. for selling in garland market. 

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