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Farmers Of India Can Sow Wheat From October To December

by aditya abhishek

Sowing Time

Farmers in India can start sowing wheat seeds from October to December for harvesting crops from February to May. 


But only use high-quality, disease-resistant, treated seeds for sowing in your field. Do not use loose or damaged seeds for sowing as it can lead to poor yield. 

Growing Belt

The Indo-Gangetic plains in India are one of the most ideal growing regions of wheat in India because of the presence of alluvial fertile soil. 

Seed Treatment

If the soil is infested with termites, then treat the seed with 4ml Dursban/ Ruban/Durmet 20 EC. Sow seeds within 30 days after treatment.

Seed Rate

To get optimum yield, farmers should sow 35 to 40 Kilograms of wheat seed per acre. Remove all the shriveled and small seeds. 

Sowing Method

Farmers can sow wheat seeds with the help of seed-cum-fertilizer drill at a depth of 4-6 centimeters at a spacing of 15 to 20 centimeters between rows. 


Irrigate the field immediately after the sowing of seeds. It will help to provide optimum conditions for the germination of seeds. 


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