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Farmers Can Increase Income By Doing Value Addition In Roses 

by aditya abhishek


If you are in the business of rose farming, growing and selling roses in the market, well by doing these value addition in roses you can increase your income. 


After harvesting roses, there is pressure on farmers to sell them as soon as possible as their shelf life is only 7 to 12 days. That's why value addition is important. 

Value Addition

It refers to any step taken to increase the value of an immature product. Cut flower is an immature product, if you do value addition, you can sell at higher prices. 

Flower Arrangements

You can learn to make rose flower arrangements such as bouquets, wreaths, corsages, garlands, etc. to sell them in the market. They are usually sold at higher prices. 


Farmers can dry rose petals and leaves and make potpourris that are in high demand in the market. They are used to make a room smell pleasant. 

Dry Rose

Not only Potpourri, but farmers can also sell dried rose petals in the market. These dried rose petals are used in skin care products, to make herbal tea, etc. 

Rose Oil & Water

Instead of selling cut flowers directly, farmers can process them and make rose oil and water for selling them in the market. 

Other Products

You can also make other popular rose products such as Gulkand, Gulroghan, jam, tea, candy, etc. for selling to increase your overall income. 

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