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Farmers Can Earn By Cultivating These Exotic Vegetables

by aditya abhishek

Farmer in developing countries struggles in making profits  even after getting subsidies from the government. This is mainly due to the fact that farmers are practicing unplanned farming. 

Farmers in developing countries have small land holdings in which they mostly cultivate cereal crops, that's why they are unable to get good profit as yield is lower. 

Cultivating cereal crop is profitable on large scale farms (more than 2.5 acres). Therefore marginal farmers can ensure profit by growing exotic vegetables and other crops in their farm. 

Demand of exotic vegetable is higher in the market but the supply is less. Therefore you can cultivate these exotic vegetables which are in high demand in the market. 

If you cultivate asparagus in one acre farm then you can harvest up to 1.5 tonnes maximum and you can sell them for up to $4 per kilogram, hence the profit margin is higher. 


Another high demand exotic vegetable that farmer can cultivate in their farm. From an acre of farm, farm can harvest up to 3000 Kilograms of parsley, & can sell them for $ 3-4 per kilogram. 


By cultivating cherry tomato on a 1/2 acre of farm you can harvest up to 50 quintals of cherry tomato. And can sell them at $ 1 to 2 per kilogram. 

cherry tomato

Also known as bell pepper yield up to 300 quintal in an acre of farm. 6 months after plantation farmer can start harvesting and can make profit up to  $2,500 from an acre farm. 


By cultivating zucchini in an acre farm you can harvest up to 8000 kilograms of zucchini and can sell them at $5 to4 in the market. 


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