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Better Insight On Farm Microloans In America

by aditya abhishek

Farming Needs Money

Small to medium-sized farm owners of United States require capital for setting up farm, rent, or for buying seeds, fertilizers, livestock, tools, etc. 

If you are a farmer in America who wants to get hassle free loans for smaller farming operations, then taking microloans can be beneficial. It offers easy access to credit. 

Farm Service Agency

Farm Service Agency has developed microloan programs for farming purposes to fulfill the farmer's operational financial needs. 

Types Of Microloan

There are two types of microloan, Farm Operating Loans and Farm Ownership Loans. Let us understand about them. 

Farm Operating Loan

For setting up a farm, buying seed, fertilizer, land rents, marketing & distribution expenses, family living expenses, & purchase of livestock, get a farm operating loan.

Farm Ownership Loan

To purchase a farm land, increase an existing farm, construct or improve farm buildings, & pay closing costs get a farm ownership loan.

Rates & Terms

A farmer can get a maximum loan amount of $50,000. Hence if they take both type of microloans then, they can get maximum of $100,000. The repayment term is up to 25 years. 


To apply for a microloan, you must be a family-sized farmer or below with a good history of meeting credit obligations. Microloans are not for large-scale farmers. 

How To Apply

You can apply by downloading & filing the application form from the USDA website at "" After filing, submit the application form to your local FSA office. 

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