agriculture review

Factors That Influence Agriculture

by aditya abhishek


Agriculture plays a  a vital role in sustaining human life and ensuring food security. Numerous factors influence agriculture which we will explore one by one.


Temperature, rainfall, humidity & sunlight duration directly affect crop growth & development. Extreme weather events like droughts, floods & storms can damage crops. 


The health and fertility of soil are crucial for agricultural productivity. soil nutrient content, pH level, organic matter, and soil structure determine success of a crop.


Adequate water supply through efficient irrigation system is essential for crop growth, particularly during critical stages such as germination and flowering.


Insects, weeds, fungi & other pathogens can damage crops, reducing yields and quality. Hence, adopting Integrated Pest Management is essential. 


Adopting precision farming techniques & access to real-time weather and market information enable farmers to make informed decisions and optimize productivity.


Demand or trends in the market, government policies, subsidies, pricing and economic conditions significantly influence agricultural practices.

Social Factor

Local social and cultural factors such as community demand and support, population growth, urbanization & changing dietary habits also impact agricultural practices.

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