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Explore the Unique Features of Indian Agriculture

by aditya abhishek


In India, around 58% of the total population depends of agriculture for their livelihood. Here are some of the key features of Indian agriculture.

Agro-climatic Condition

In India you can find diverse climatic conditions. It can be divided into five different climatic zones varying from tropical to temperate. 

Monsoon Dependent

Indian agriculture is dependent on monsoon. Around 51% of the net cultivated area is calssified under rainfed agriculture. 

Cereal Crops

The majority of Indian agriculture is dominated by cereal crops such as rice, wheat, and maize. However, India is also the largest producer of milk, pulses & jute. 

Marginal Landholdings

Most farmers of India have small landholdings less than 2.5 acres. That's why marginal landholding is dominant. 


The Indian government plays a significant role in supporting agriculture through various policies, subsidies, & schemes. Farmers can also get crop insurance. 

Traditional Practices

Many Indian farmers still uses manual labour, bullock cart to carry out farm activites. Therefore input cost rises & efficiency decreases. 

Market Access

Indian farmers face several challenges in accessing markets for their produce, including inadequate infrastructure, low bargaining power, & limited access to credit.

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