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Everything About Heirloom, Open Pollinated & Hybrid Seeds

by aditya abhishek

What's The Difference

You must have seen variety of seeds available in the market. But if you are confused about difference between heirloom, open pollinated, & hybrid seeds then read till end. 

Open Pollinated Seeds

Open pollinated seeds are those seeds that are formed due to natural pollination by bees, moths, birds, bats, & even the wind or rain. They are genetically diverse.  

Heirloom Seeds

Seed variety that is passed from one generation to another for over 50 years for special desirable characters are called Heirloom seeds. They are non GMO seeds.

F1 Hybrid Seeds

When two plant parent with desirable charcteristics are crossed together to produce a new variety then it is F1 hybrid. They are not GMO & are highly productive. 

GMO Seeds

They are not hybrid seeds, but they have been made by altering genetic sequence using molecular genetics techniques such as gene cloning & protein engineering.

How To Select?

If you want to practice organic farming or gardening then you can select open pollinated, heirloom, or F1 hybrid seeds for plantation. 

But of you want to practice intensive farming then you can use Genetically Modified Seeds for plantation as they are more productive than others. 

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