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European Union Aims For 25% Organic Farming By 2030

by aditya abhishek


The European Union has set a new target for organic farming, aiming to increase the share of agricultural land dedicated to organic farming to 25% by 2030.

Present Situation

Currently, organic farming accounts for around 8% of the EU's total crop land. This new target represents the EU's commitment to promoting sustainable agriculture.


By using natural methods to manage soil & crops, organic farming reduces the use of harmful chemicals and promotes biodiversity.

Market Demands

The EU's target for organic farming is driven in part by consumer demand for organic products. Organic market is growing & EU wants to capitalize this market. 

Climate Change

Organic farming promotes soil health, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and uses less energy than conventional farming.


To achieve this target, the EU plans to provide support to farmers through financial incentives, training programs, & research and innovation initiatives.

It also aims to promote organic farming internationally by sharing its knowledge and expertise with other countries and encouraging the adoption of sustainable agriculture practices worldwide.

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