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Essential Agriculture Technology For Modern Farmers

by aditya abhishek

It helps in spraying pesticides, land mapping, soil & irrigation monitoring, Livestock movement monitoring, etc. hence making work of farmer easier. 

Farming Drone

Farm land is depleting, rural population is migrating to cities, hence vertical farming can be the future when there will be shortage of farm land. 

Vertical farming

To cultivate non seasonal vegetables, and other crops under optimum conditions can be done in green house. It also helps to reduce losses due to climatic factors. 

greenhouse farming

All the farming inputs such as moisture, fertilizers, pesticides, etc. are given in precise amount by using technology. This reduces wastage & increases efficiency. 

Precision farming

It is a soiless farming technology that helps in eliminating soil borne weeds, pests & diseases, getting optimum yield, etc.


Water wastage is a big problem in farm lands, but drip irrigation not only helps to reduce water wastage but it also increases water use efficiency. 

drip irrigation

It is a eco-friendly fish farming technique that helps farmers to cultivate fish on small land area while ensuring higher production. 

biofloc fish farming

This technology is helpful for farmers in navigating specific locations in the farm, collecting soil samples, and monitoring crop growth. 

GPS Technology

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