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Electroculture Farming Is Only Theory Or Real 

by aditya abhishek

You must have seen crops growing in agricultural fields or on the water in a hydroponic system, but what if someone tell you that now people are cultivating crop using electricity?

You will get surprised, right? But, it is not something new. Scientists started discussing this method in the early 1800. However, in recent years this farming technique is becoming a matter of interest. 

Recent Experiment

After researching electroculture techniques on pea plants, Chinese scientists observed that applying an electric field in pea plants increases yield by 20%. 

How It Works

Electrical energy is used to stimulate plant growth by using various methods. The most common way is to apply a current to the plant's roots. 

The current forces plant to produce more growth hormones; hence yield increases. Electric current also helps to break down soil organic matter, so they are readily available to plants. 

Electroculture farming also helps to improve photosynthesis in plants. It also helps us reduce dependency on chemical fertilizers for large-scale food production. 

Therefore, many agriculturists consider electroculture farming as the future farming technology as it helps us to conserve soil & water resources. 

China is already a step ahead in this farming technology. Around 1000 to 1300 hectares of land are used for electroculture farming in China. 

However, it is hard to conclude about the positives & negatives of this technique as it is pretty new and considerable research and trials are needed for a proper conclusion.

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