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Easy To Grow Plants To Start Gardening

by aditya abhishek


One of the most important decisions when starting a garden is choosing the right plants to grow. You can start growing these plants to start your gardening journey. 


Herbs are easiest to grow and they can also grow with minimal fertilizers. Some of the easiest herbs to grow include basil, tulsi, thyme, parsley, and mint.


They are hardy & draught tolerant. Succulents can grow well in well draining sandy soil. Prepare potting mix with 50% river sand + 50% cinder to grow succulents.


Not only cactus are easy to grow but some produce alluring flowers. Just like succulents, they can grow with minimal watering. Over watering can kill cactus plants. 


Also known as sadabahar, is an summer annual flowering plant thay you can grow in your garden. They can grow in wide range of soils & require minimal care. 


Also known as 9'0 Clock flowering plant can be easily grown from stem cuttings. They need moderate watering & minimal care. 

Morning Glory

If you want to enjoy freshness of shinning flowers during morning hours, then grow morning glory flowering vine in your garden from seeds. 


Sow seeds of sunflowers from February to March and enjoy the beauty of yellow coloured sunflowers from April to end of summer season. 

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