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Get Heavy Blooming In Chrysanthemums This Winter

by aditya abhishek


Chrysanthemum is a winter flowering plant that can fill your garden with colorful blooms. To increase flowering, use these tips. 


Do not plant chrysanthemums in clayey soils. Always plant them in soils that are sandy loam and rich in organic matter with moderate water-holding capacity. 


Although chrysanthemums can grow in indirect sunlight, direct sunlight promotes ideal foliage growth and intense flowering. 


If you want to make your plant bushy, then this is the most important step. Pinch the tops of branches at the desired height to increase the growth of new branches. 


Fertilize your mums with a handful of vermicompost + onion peel fertilizer every month. Stop fertilizing when the flower starts blooming. 


Do not wet the leaves of chrysanthemums while watering as it can cause fungal diseases, but keep the soil a little moist but not soggy. 


If you follow all these steps correctly, then there are very high chances of intense flowering, for the best results you can also get help from our experts.

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