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How To Grow & Care Devil's Ivy

By Agriculture Review

Devil's Ivy or Pothos is a wonderful, low maintenance air purifying house plant that you can grow in tropical to sub-tropical climate. 

Best season to start growing Devil's ivy is during spring season. However you can grow them anytime in a year.

Growing Season

Prepare potting mix with 45% coco peat + 45 % soil + 5% river sand +5% compost. However you can also grow them in water. 

Potting Mix

Take 5 to 7 inches long stem cuttings just below the node and plant them in soil or water. 


Devil's Ivy hates direct sunlight, keep the plant at a place where it can receive 5 to 6 hours of filtered sunlight daily.


Keep the soil moist to get good growth, If you are growing in water, then keep changing water once after every 7 days.


Apply nitrogen rich fertilizers such as tea leaf compost once after every 30 days to boost the plant growth. 


Devils Ivy or Pothos is an amazing air purifying indoor plant. It can protect your family from harmful air toxins such as Formaldehyde, Benzene, etc.


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