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Corporate Farming: Scaling From Local To Global

by aditya abhishek

Practicing farming or producing food on a very large scale for selling to corporates or other entities. These farms are either owned by companies or are highly influenced by them. 


Corporate farms are profit driven farms. It requires huge initial investment & use of technology to practice commercial farming. Mostly, corporate farming is not sustainable way of farming. 


This farming system ensures high returns. Also with the use of advance technologies such as GPS, Drones, Automated Irrigation systems, farm efficiency increases. 

In this farming system, farmers agrees to a contract with the companies, so products are directly sold to the corporates. Hence, the involvement of middlemen decreases. 

However, corporate farming can sometimes lead to the exploitation of farmers. Companies are profit-driven, so sometimes, the farmers' rights are ignored. 

But, increasing awareness among farmers, introducing righteous laws, and adopting precision agriculture technologies can help make corporate farming successful. 

Adopting precision agriculture technolgies can help in reducing farm waste, external input cost, checking soil erosion and increasing efficiency of the farm. 

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