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How To Control Leaves Curling In Tomato Plant

by aditya abhishek

Leaf Curl In Tomato

Curling of leaves is a big problem that farmers & gardeners face in every season of tomato plant. Due to leaf curl plant health & yield reduces. 


Wrinkled & small sized new leaves, margins of leaves curled upwards, yellowing between veins, flower drop, and stunted plant growth are symptoms of leaf curl. 

1. DNA virus from the genus Begomovirus spread by whiteflies. 2. Excessive Nitrogen 3. Improper Watering 4. Excessive Heat 5. Excessive Pruning 6. Herbicide  7. Transplantation Shock

Leaf Curl Can be due to:

Howver, the most common reason is introduction of DNA virus from the genus Begomovirus which is spread by whiteflies. Therefore it is always said prevention is better than cure. 

Control Practices

To trap whiteflies you should install 12 yellow sticky traps per hectare in your farm or in garden keep 2 to 4 yellow sticky trap around tomato plants. 


To control leaf curl as soon as possible spray carbofuran 3 CG@ 40 kg /ha or dimethoate 30 EC @ 1 ml/l  during late evening or early morning. 

In Farm 

If you are cultivating tomato in your farm then also raise barrier crops such as cereals like rice, wheat, etc. to control spread of whiteflies., also remove host weeds. 


Spraying neem oil or any other organic spray is not useful as it is a viral diseases and can not be treated easily, therefore you need to follow all the guidelines to control leaf curl. 

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