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Companion Gardening Guide: Grow Plants Together

by aditya abhishek

It is the practice of planting two or more plants together that have a beneficial relationship. Some plants repel insects that might harm others, while others improve soil quality and provide shade.


You can plant Calendula, tomatoes, and petunias with asparagus, They are are thought to deter asparagus beetles.


You can plant purslane alongside basil plant to provide shade. Planting basil with tomatoes and peppers helps in improving growth and flavour. 


Plant nasturtium or rosemary with beans to deter aphids away from beans. Along with beans, you can also plant corn plant to provide support to beans.


To deter pests such as beetles and aphids, plant nasturtium and garlic with cabbage. To deter cabbage moth plant sage. 


Plant beans with corn to provide nitrogen to the plant. To protect corn plants from aphids and mites plant dill. You can also grow spinach with corns.


Plant Nasturtium with cucumbers to protect them from aphids, beetles and bugs. It also helps them to increase flavour. You can also plant oregano to deter pests. 


Along with peas, plant mint to improve flavour. To deter pests, you can plant Chives. Avoid planting garlic and onions with peas. 

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