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Commercial Farming Definition & Importance!

by aditya abhishek


Practicing farming on a large scale for getting money by selling produce in the market is called commercial farming. It incorporates all practices required to increase crop yield. 

Started In

According to records, commercial farming started around 9,500 BC. Before that subsistence farming was practiced. This step led to evolution of agriculture industry. 

Who Started

Researchers believe that Egyptians started cultivating crops on a large scale between 9500 to 4000 BC. However exact location is not yet confirmed. 

Present Day

At present, farmers in China practices commercial farming on the largest scale. Their agricultural production is used to feed around 22% of the world's population


When human population started increasing, people realized that they need to start growing crop on large scale to avoid global hunger. 

Subsistence farming method was not able to feed the increasing population. Moreover people started getting involved in other professions than farming. 

Humans started making clothes from natural fibres such as cotton. Hence the need to cultivate such fibrous crop on a large scale increased. 


Due to malpractices in commercial farming, loss of biodiversity due to soil, water, and air population increased drastically. It also led to increased emission of green house gases. 

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