Climbing Plants Names & Pictures

Written by Aditya Abhishek

Climbing Rose

If you are looking for climbing plants that produces flower, then you will love having climbing rose.

Flame Vine

They are evergreen, vigorously growing climbers that produces orange coloured flowers from winters to spring.

Passion Flower

During winter they goes under dormancy, but from late spring to fall they keep spreading and producing alluring flowers.

Star Jasmine

They produces highly fragrant white blossoms that attracts bees, hence promotes natural pollinators in the garden. 

Morning Glory

They are perennial flowering plant that grows vigorously and blooms during morning hours. 

Rangoon Creeper

They produce white to red coloured flower in clusters and are known to attract bees, birds, and butterflies.


If you are willing to get lush green appearance then you can have Monstera in your garden. 


Easy to grow under indirect sunlight, and hardy plant that you can easily propagate through cuttings. 

Creeping Fig

They can grow under any light conditions from direct sunlight to shade, and can cover the complete wall.

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