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Climate Change Can Affect Agriculture Badly

by aditya abhishek

Agriculture is necessary for survival and growth of human species on this planet but the future seem challenging because of climate change. 

Rising Temperature

Agriculture crop are adapted to grow within certain temperature range. If temperature rises of fall below optimum range then it disrupts crop growth. 

Rainfall Pattern 

Due to global warming, rainfall pattern is changing worldwide. But rainfed farming is dominant in 80% of cropland, which means it is affecting agriculture sector badly.

Increasing CO2 Level

Due to global warming, level of Carbon Dioxide is increasing due to which crop yield is increasing but nutritional value is decreasing. 

Soil Erosion 

Dry spells & heavy rainfall result in surface runoff. Due to which soil erosion is increasing hence farming land is degrading. 

Heat Stress

Heat stress is affecting livestock production. Due to heat stress growth and reproduction of animal  gets affected hence results in lower production. 

Pests & Diseases

Scientists have observed that due to climate change, chance of pests & diceases infestation is increasing in crops, making farming difficult for farmers. 


If we do not take impactful steps then it is estimated that due to effects of climate change on agriculture food prices will rise by 80% till 2050. 

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