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Christopher Nolan Planted 500 Acres of Corn For Interstellar

by aditya abhishek


The famous British-American filmmaker, Christopher Nolan is known for visually appealing movies & has been nominated 5 times for Oscars,  BAFTAs, and Golden Globe Awards for his movies.  


If you are a fan of movies directed by Christopher Nolan, then you must have watched his famous movie "Interstellar" based on space exploration & search for life. 


In that movie, Actor Matthew McConaughey plays Cooper, who is an ex Nasa pilot & a farmer who goes on a mission to seasrch for life on other planets. 


If you watch that movie, then you will notice a scene where corn field is shot burning, well how do you think, that scene was shot?


To be as visually real as possible, Christopher Nolan planted 500 acres of corn farm outside of Calgary, Canada, instead of using any CGI effects. 


It is because Christopher Nolan got inspired from director Zack Snyder who grew corn crops for his 2013 film Man of Steel.


The total budget of the Interstellar movie was around US $165 million, out of which US $100,000 was used for corn plantation. 


You may be thinking that why he destroyed corn on this scale, but that's not true. The leftover corn was sold and it helped to make profit of US $162,000. 

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