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Must Read Guide On Caring For Hydrangeas

by aditya abhishek

Hydrangea also known as hortensia  is native to Asia and America and has over 75 species of perennial flowering plants that you can grow in your garden by following these tips. 


Hydrangeas can grow well in mild tropical to sub-tropical climate. You can start planting hydrangea in fall or in spring season. 

Soil & Potting Mix

They prefer moist, well drained soil rich in organic matter. Prepare potting mix with 50% garden soil + 30% organic compost + 20% cocopeat. 


You can easily propagate hydrangea from layering in spring to summer season.  


Hydrangeas love morning sunlight but hates hot sunrays during noon. Therefore keep it at place where it cam recieve morning sunlight properly. 


It needs 1 inch water every week. Apply water thrice in a week, avoid waterlogging in the pot and take care of drainage. 


During flowering phase, start adding one handful of leaf compost along with onion peel fertilizer once after every 30 days. 

Bloom Time

Blooming in hydrangea depends on climate and variety. Mostly it starts flowering in spring to summer or in fall. 

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