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 Canadian Agricultural Loans Act program

by aditya abhishek

Capital Requirement 

To set up a new enterprise, people require capital, and farming requires high initial investment to prepare the land, purchase machinery, set up irrigation facilities, etc.

Agriculture Loan

To fulfill Canadian farmers' capital requirement for establishing & improving farms, they can benefit from The Canadian Agricultural Loans Act (CALA) Program.

Maximum Loan Amount

For any one farm operation, the maximum loan amount you can get is $500,000 from Lenders, such as banks, credit unions and caisses populaires.


Beginner farmers, existing farmers, start-up farmers, family farmers, agricultural co-operatives, and part-time farmers are eligible for this agricultural loan. 

How To Apply

To apply, visit lender organizations such as chartered banks, credit unions, Alberta Treasury Branches, caisses populaires, or organizations designated by the Minister.

Read the documents provided by lenders carefully, select best financing options to fulfill you need and avail your loan under CALA program. 

Fees & Repayment Period

If the loan is taken to purchase land, the repayment period is 15 years, and for other purposes, it is 10 years. The Registration fee is 0.85% of the total loan amount. 

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