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Calendula Farming Tips For Indian Farmers

by aditya abhishek


Calendula also known as pot marigold, is a popular flowering plant that is cultivated for its vibrant blooms & various medicinal and cosmetic uses. 


Calendula crop perform well in regions with mild climate where temperature ranges from 14.5°-28.6°Celsius, higher temperature affects production. 


You can cultivate calendula in wide range of soils, but well drained, deep, fertile soil with good water holding capacity & pH 6.5-7.5 is ideal for calendula farming.


Prepare nursery, sow seeds of calendula on raised beds during September to October. Irrigate after sowing seeds. Incorporate fertilizer in beds before sowing. 


You can transplant calendula at a spacing of  20 × 20 centimeters for higher yield. Planting too close can result in reduced yield. 


For higher yield, apply 50 Kilograms of organic manure before plantation. Thereafter, apply 400 kg N, 200 kg P and 60 kg K thrice during the crop growth period. 


Climate & soil have direct role in irrigation frequency. In hot and dry weather conditions, give light irrigations at an interval of 5 days. 


Calendula blooms can be harvested throughout the growing season. Pick the flowers when they are fully open. You can sell them to flower shop owners, perfume makers, etc.

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