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How To Grow & Care For  Calatheas

by aditya abhishek

Calatheas also popular as "Prayer Plants" is a genus of rhizomatous herbaceous perennial plants. They exhibit "nyctinasty" and that's why people love this plant so much. 


Calathea grow well in hot and humid tropical climate. Temperature range of 18°C-30° Celsius is ideal for Calatheas. Temperature below 15°  Celsius can affect the growth. 


Well drained soil with good moisture holding capacity is good. Prepare potting mix with 50% cocopeat + 30% compost + 10% river sand + 10% perlite


You can keep Calatheas under bright indirect sunlight for better foliage growth. But they can also survive under low light condition. 


Calathea loves humidity hence keep misting time to time. Apply water in the pot when top layer of soil starts drying. 


From spring to summer you can use half teaspoon NPK in the ratio 10:10:10 or two tablespoon tea leaf compost once after every 60 days. 

Common Problems

Underwatering can cause wilting and curling of leaves while overwatering can cause yellowing of leaves. Fungal infection can cause leaf spots. 


Calatheas are not toxic to pets and humans. Which means you can easily keep this houseplant in your home without any worry. 

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