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Buying Plants From Nursery, Follow These Tips

by aditya abhishek


Plant lovers in the world can't stop buying new plants, it is something which is in-built in plant lovers. But if you want to see new plant babies growing then follow these points.  

Buy Healthy Plants

Avoid buyng plants that are not in good health. If there is any sign of pests or diseases then look for another healthy plant. 

Browse & Check

Do not buy plants in over excitement, not all plants can grow everywhere. Check whether your local climate is good for new plant or not. 

Harsh Truth

Plants that you see in nursery may be placed a day earlier brought from some other region. So every plant in nursery you see may not grow successfully in your region.

Where To Keep 

Vegetables and flowering plants can be kept directly under sunlight, but avoid keeping houseplants, succulents, or cactus in direct sunlight. 

If the plant is still in seedling stage then keep in indirect sunlight for a day or two then shift under direct sunlight according to need of the plant. 


Not every plant need watering daily, like succulnts, or cactus need water within a week or two but flowering and vegetable plants need water daily. Hence apply water precisely. 


Most of the people still thinks that plant can grow only with water, but just as we human need food & water , plants also need water & nutrients to grow. 


Last but not the least the most common reason of dying plants is ignorance. After bringing plant  you have to lookout for them just as you look out for your closed ones

thanks for reading!

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