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Boost Soil Health By Green Manuring!

by aditya abhishek


If you are a farmer who is looking for sustainable ways to grow your farm, then you should definitely understand and follow the process of green manuring. 

Green Manuring

It is practice of growing leguminous crops such as sunnhemp, dhaincha, cowpea. etc. to incorporate them into the soil while they are still green & actively growing.

Best Crops

Crops such as Sunhemp, Dhaincha, Sesbania, Cowpea, Cluster beans, etc. are considered best for green manuring as they are rich in nutrients. 


Practicing green manuring helps in improving soil structure, water holding capacity & in decreasing soil erosion. 

Practice Method

Plant green manure crops as cover crops, let them grow for a specific period till  they develop robust root system & then till them or use them for mulching. 

It also helps in reducing  weed growth by outcompeting them for resources and disrupting pest life cycles, reducing the need for chemical interventions.

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