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Black Soils Are Suitable For Growing These Agricultural Crops

by aditya abhishek


Black soils are characterized by dark colour, high fertility, and ability to retain moisture. Due to high clay content its water retention capacity is high. 


Cotton is of the best crop that you can grow in black soils. Make sure to have soil pH around 5.5 to 6.0 & you can cultivate cotton in black soil under rainfed conditions. 


If your farm has black soil, then you can cultivate sunflower crop for earning extra income. You can sell cut flowers as well as seeds of sunflower. 


Under irrigated farm practices, you can cultivate sugarcanes on black soil. They enjoys high moisture in the soil 


Similarly you can also cultivate rice crop under irrigated conditions on black soils as they also require high moisture content during its active growth phase. 

Pulse Crops

You can easily cultivate pulse crops such as pigeon pea (tur or arhar), chickpeas (gram or chana), and lentils (masoor) etc. on black soils. 


Recently demand of millets such as pearl millet (bajra) and sorghum (jowar) is increasing worldwide and they can be cultivated on black soil.

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