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How To Grow & Care Bird Of Paradise Houseplant

by aditya abhishek

Bird of Paradise also popular as "Queen Of Indoor Garden" is tropical houseplant that produces banana shaped leaf fan & due to its flower shape it is named Bird Of Paradise. 


Birds of Paradise can grow well in warm tropical climate. You can grow them in USDA Plant Hardiness Zones 10 to 12. 

Potting Mix

They love well drained, slightly acidic soil for growth. You can prepare potting mix with 30% soil + 30% cocopeat + 20% perlite + 20% compost


Birds Of Paradise can grow well in direct as well as indirect sunlight. But to get intense flowering you will have keep them in bright light. 


Apply water only when the top layer of soil becomes completely dry. Under watering can damage this plant so avoid that. 


Once after every 30 days fertilize your plant with two handful or organic compost and 1 tea spoon bone-meal. Avoid adding fertilizers during winters. 


You can propagate Birds Of Paradise from division with bulb or rhizome during spring to summer season. Avoid propagating in winter season.


Although this plant is quite impressive but it is toxic to humans and pets. Therefore it is advisable to keep this plant out of reach from kids and pets. 

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