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How Biointensive Gardening Can Create Sustainability

by aditya abhishek

Biointensive gardening system is a method of organic or sustainable gardening which focuses on getting maximum yield by increasing biodiversity & soil fertility. 

What IT IS?

By practicing biointensive gardening system you can get higher yield even on a small piece of land. You only have to incorporate these principles in your garden.

Typically we loosen soil only up to 8 inches deep. But in this system you have to loosed soil upto 24 inches deep. It promotes deep root penetration, nutrient cycling, etc. 

Lossening soil

Avoid planting in rows, instead plant closely in hexagonal shapes. This helps in increasing yield 2 to 6 times than normal. 

Close Planting

Compost your garden waste not far away from your garden, but compost them in the garden beds itself, it helps to increase the quality of the compost. 


Plant companion plants along with the main plant. This helps in reducing pest & diseases, watering, fertilizers, and increasing soil nutrient cycling. 

companion planting

Save & use only open pollinated seeds, it will help to maintain diverse genetic pool and reduce pest and diseases. 

open pollinated seeds

Biointensive gardening focuses on increasing soil health, quality food and income, hence you need to follow all the perspective of this sytem for better results. 


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