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Potential Of Bio-Fertilizers In Agriculture

by aditya abhishek

What Is Bio Fertilizer

It is a group of microorganism such as bacteria, fungi, algae, that helps to increase soil fertility and promote plant growth by converting organic waste into compost. 

Biofertilizer has a huge potential in agriculture and it is still unexplored. Cost of bio-fertilizer is relatively low as compared to other organic and chemical fertilizers. 

Lot of farm waste is produced during in farm. These waste get mixed with soil and takes lot of time to get decomposed. But adding bio-fertilizers helps in rapid decomposition of farm waste. 

Phosphates like tricalcium, iron and aluminium phosphates remains in insoluble form in the soil. Using biofertilizers convert them in soluble form so that they could be used by plants. 

If a farmer has established animal husbandry in the farm, then some of the popular bio fertilizers can be produced at the farm itself. So there is no need to purchase external inputs. 

There is a huge challenge in controlling pests and diseases in the farm. A farmer can overcome this challenge by using bio-fertilizer in the farm. You can even use them to treat seeds. 

Some of the popular bio-fertilizer are Rhizobium, Azospirilium, Azotobacter, Phosphobacteria, Mycorhiza, BGA, Azolla, Frankia, Jeevamrut, Beejamrit, Neemastra, etc. 

You can prepare jeevamrut, beejamrit, neemastra, sanjeevak, aagneyastra, etc. at your farm by using cow dung, urine, water, jaggery, pulse flour, lime stone, Neem leaves, etc. & spray in the field.

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