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Biggest Events Of Gentically Modified Organisms

by aditya abhishek

3000 BCE

For the first time in the history, artificial selection of wolves started for purpose of domestication. 


In the year 1973, Boyer and Cohen developed techniques of Genetic Engineering which helped in altering DNA sequences.


Jaenish and Mintz developed first Genetically Engineered animal by inserting a DNA virus into an early-stage mouse embryo.


Guidelines for Genetically Modified Experiments were set by Asilomar Conference to avoid potential biohazards. 


The Supreme court of United States of America allowed patenting of Genetically engineered organisms for protecting copyright. 


Food and Drug Administration approved "Humulin." It is the first pharmaceutical product created by using Genetic Engineering. 


United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) approved first genetically engineered food "FLAVR SAVR Tomatoes."


First herbicide resistant crop "glyphosate-resistant soybean" was developed and introduced for commercial use. 


To overcome Vitamin A deficiency, golden rice was developed through genetic engineers and introduced for commercial use. 


US FDA approved ATryn (anticoagulant antithrombin) manufactured by the Massachusetts-based U.S. company by genetically engineering in goat. 

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