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Best Tips On Organic Gardening

by aditya abhishek

Mission Organic

Most of the people today relaize the importance of growing & consuming organic food, and if you are also on same path then follow these tips. 

Soil Sterilization 

Before using soil in the garden you can sterililize soil under direct sunlight for about a month. This will kill bacteria, nematodes & other harmful pests in the soil. 

Use Organic Seeds

Avoid using chemically treated seeds in your garden, instead use certified organic seeds. You can also save seeds from your garden for next season. 

Reuse Organic Waste

Fallen leaves, plant parts, kitchen waste such as onion peel, banana peel, egg shells, rice water, etc. are great source of nutrients for plants. Hence you can use them wisely. 

Companion Planting

If you want to make your organic garden successful adopt principles of companion planting. You can plant tomato, basil, parsley together to increase efficiency. 

Use Bio-fertilizers

You can prepare bio-fertilizers such as jeevamrut, beejamrut, panchgavya, sanjeevak, etc. in your garden. They are beneficial in developing healthy root & stem growth.

Organic Pesticide

Prefer using insectcidal soaps, horticulural oil, neem extract, etc. regularly to control pests as well diseases in organic garden. 


Plants are living beings who require daily care, hence you should check growth & condition of your plants daily so that you can take good care of them. 

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