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Best Potted Plants For Shaded Porch

by aditya abhishek


The porch is an amazing area where you can keep potted plants to enhance the beauty of your home. But confused about which one to keep, then start growing...

Rubber Plant

They are wonderful, easy to care for & shade-loving houseplants that you can keep on your porch. Plant them in well-drained soils in a decorative pot. 


Succulents can grow well under bright indirect sunlight. You can create a small corner of succulents on your porch. They can not tolerate overwatering. 


If you are looking for flowering plants that can grow well under shade, then gerbera can be a perfect fit for your porch.

English Ivy

You can grow creeping English Ivy plant to decorate your porch. They grow well in well drained soils & can tolerate low light conditions. 


If you want to make your porch look bright & colourful, then you can start growing coleus in pots. They are easy to grow & propagate. 

Snake Plants

Well, snake plants are one of the popular shade-loving plants that can purify the air. That's why keeping them on your porch can be a great choice. 

Turtle Vines

You can grow turtle vines in hanging pots on your porch. They can be propagated easily from cuttings & do well under shade. 

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