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Best Plants That You Can Keep In Your Bathroom 

by aditya abhishek


If you want to keep plants in your bathroom where humidity remains high & there is less presence of indirect sunlight, then these plants are perfect for your list. 

ZZ Plant

Also known as Zamioculcas zamiifolia is a popular houseplant that can survive under low light for longer duration. They require well draining soil and moderate waterings. 

Bird's Nest Fern 

They are native to Southeast Asia and can survive under indirect sunlight & environment having high humidity. You can grow them with ease in your bathroom. 


If you are looking for handing plant for bathroom, then keeping pothos can be a great choice. They can be propagated easily, requires minimal care & can even grow dirrectly in water. 

Staghorn Fern 

Just like Bird's nest ferns, they can also grow in high humidity & indirect sunlight. Moreover, they staghorn ferns are epiphytes, that's why you can even grow them on a piece of wood. 

Dumb Canes

They are hardy houseplants that can grow well in low indirect sunlight & loves moderate watering. Dumb canes are also natural air purifiers that's why you can keep them in bathroom. 

Snake Plants

They have one of the highest survival rate in low light conditions. However, plant them in well draining soil & keep them at distance from the shower.

Tips For Bathroom Plants

Any live plant can not survive in zero-light conditions forever. These plants can tolerate low light for a longer duration. For best results, keep shifting your plants outside weekly. 

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