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Best Places to See Tulips in the Netherlands

by aditya abhishek


Tulip is a spring flowering bulbous plant and Netherland is the largest producer of tulips in the world. Every year, tulip plants bloom in the fields of Netherlands in spring.

That's why, millions of tourists from around the world visit the Netherlands to see the vibrant &colorful tulip fields. And here is the list of best places to see tulips in the Netherlands.

Keukenhof Gardens

It is one of the most beautful tulip garden which is open from open from 23rd March to 14th May, 2023. from 8 AM to  7:30 PM. 


Located in the Flevoland province in the central Netherlands has a vast area of land covered in tulip blooms from mid-April to May. 


It is a historic city in North Holland and is famous for its vast, vibrant & colourful tulip farms, historical architecture, and rich culture.


It is the capital city of the Netherlands and a popular tourist destination in the country. This city is famous for tulip fields & 17th Century structures. 


It is associated with Keukenhof and has hundreds of multicoloured strips of tulip fields. There is also a museum "Museum de Zwarte Tulp" based on the Dutch tulip history in Lisse.

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