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Best Office Plants That You Can Grow

by aditya abhishek

If you are a plant lover who apreciates beauty of the nature then you can keep these best plants in your office to make your day better.

ZZ Plant

You can keep air purifying ZZ plant in your office, it can grow well in well draining soil with minimal care  even in low light condition. 

Jade Plant

They are succulents that grow well under bright indirect sunlight and good for keeping on office desk. It is also known as luck bringing plant. 

Aloe Vera

Another air purifying, low maintenance plant is Aloe vera which is a good plant for office. Avoid overwatering to avoid killing this plant.


There are lot of varieties of cactus you can grow and plant in office. They are easy to care for, requires minimal watering & can be carried easily. 

Zebra Wart Haworthia

Plant this cute succulent plant in a beautiful planter and watch them grow daily to kick start your day with positivity. 

Snake Plant

There are lot of varieties of snake plants available in the market and you can plant anyone to purify air inside your office. 

Lucky Bamboo

You can grow lucky bamboo in a glass jar filled with water in your office. They are also known for bringing luck & positivity in life. 

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