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Best Fragrant Flowering Plants For Garden

by aditya abhishek

People love smelling fragrance of beautiful flowers. It gives a sense of relaxation and peace. And if you are also willing to fill your garden with fragrance then grow these plants. 


It is  a genus of 47 species of flowering plants. They can be annual as well as perennials. Due to fragrance of lavender flowers, they are used in perfume industry. 


Hyacinth are spring blooming, fragrant perennial bulbous flowering plant that you can grow in well draining loamy soil. 


Also popular as "Rajinigandha" is a herbaceous, perennial, ornamental plant which is widely popular for its divine fragrance that you can feel even few feet away from the plant.


There are over 300 species of rose and tens of thousands of cultivars that are famous for their plant size, flower shape, colour, & fragrance since long time. 


Gardenia is an evergreen flowering plant which is famous for its heavily fragrant waxy creamy white coloured flowers that bloom in summer season.

Night Jasmine

Also known as "Parijat" produces flowers in cluster that have white coloured six to eight corolla with an orange red centre which blooms only during night.


Plumerias flower come in various colours from pure white to deep red, pale pink to butter lemon, golden, oranges, blood red, etc. & you can grow them with minimal care.

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